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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fun with Felties!

So, tomorrow finally came and I got to play with these felt hair clips. I have had a lot of fun doing these. I get an idea and I go digitize it- so I have a bunch more to test out! Here's what I did so far:
Here are some closer views:
These birds are from DigiStitches. They come with the clippie cover with a branch and egg nest. Their design was a springy robin's blue, but I did red cardinals for winter.
These are 2 that I did myself. The owl on a branch looks cute in many colors. The hippo is a possibility for Valentine Card favors for Davy. His class "mascot" is a hippo, so I thought of doing hippo hair felties for the girls and pencil toppers for the boys. Our school does not allow any food items at all, so it is a challenge!
I digitized these flowers, too. These have to be the simplest design ever, but I think they are so cute. Any color would be great for these!!
 Chickens, of course!! I digitized these and I love them. I added the eggs to the clip covers, too. I was trying to decide what to do for Andy's class for Valentine's day, but he insisted on the chickens. I was thinking of printing a card with something like: "I'm not chicken to say Happy Valentine's Day!" What do you think??
These ice skates are from DigiStitches. I haven't quite finished them. The paper clips need to be glued in for the skate blades and they get a pompom on the toe and a tiny ribbon bow at the top of the laces. These have the clip right in the back- no separate piece. I love these, too!! I want to make more of these!
Coming up this week: finish Josefina's peasant dress for a birthday party tomorrow. some pillowcases, and an entry for Project Run & Play week 1. Busy, busy, but fun!!


Unknown said...

Great job! I've been wanting to try some felt hair clippies myself!

Lee said...

Love your stitches! I've seen other people do those; I've got to try it!