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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Legos and Hippos and Please Be Mine...

I have been in feltie-crazy mode this week, digitizing pencil toppers for my boys to add to their Valentine Cards for school. I bought them both Lego cards and Andy wanted Lego head felties. Davy's teacher has a "hippopotamus" theme in their classroom, so he wanted hippos.
I digitized these myself.
Here are the Lego Guys. I first made the one with the little smile and somehow I totally messed up the width of the opening for a pencil. It was way too wide, so on the second batch, I added a couple of stitches to tighten it up. They worked out fine in the end.
I made 30 of these! They looked great on the primary colored pencils.

Then I worked on the hippos. I had already digitized a hippo hair feltie, but then we decided to go with pencil toppers for the girls and the boys. I did a better job on getting this one to fit!
I could fit 10 in the 6x10 hoop, but what took a lot of time was trimming the jumps on the face details. Next time I will choose something that wouldn't have so many jumps! I made 4 colorways: pink, light blue, gray, and purple (but I didn't like the way the purple turned out!)
I made 40 of these, but 30 that we liked!
They are all ready to go with the cards for Valentine's Day tomorrow.
BUT we are in the middle of another big snowstorm. Today was a snow day and I am wondering about tomorrow!
I think it is time to unhook my embroidery unit and do some other sewing. I am attending a meeting/sewing day for my Civil War Reenactment Group on Saturday and I've been cutting pieces for a quilt to work on, so I'll show that soon.

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ShirleyC said...

Those are all so cute! My grandson is a Lego nut!

I made some lips and mustaches for my youngest grandson's class with the designs from Savvy Stitches. They turned out so cute, and stitched really fast.
I love fast and easy, but the trimming took way longer than the stitching. LOL