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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween...and on to Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! We sure did, despite rainy Trick-or-Treating! I hoped to post sooner, but the past week has been CRAZY! Ear infections, Halloween parties, parades at school, 3 teens having friends over for Halloween, costumes, a dislocated toddler elbow, friends and playdates and lots of CANDY! I have been flat-out, but it has been FUN!!
I think I might have shared this quilt before, but maybe some of you missed it, so here it is again! Before I had Andy, I went on weekend stitching retreats with my Quilt Guild. One Fall, this was the project I brought. I think it's from an old McCall's Quick Quilts magazine. The ghosts are made from hankies and the orange and purple are pockets to hold Halloween candy.
I hang it by our front door each Fall and it's one of my favorite seasonal decorations. It was fun to make, too!
This is the pumpkin Rosie carved! It's done by shaving the pumpkin skin and carving a face. The pumpkin she picked was super-lopsided, which worked perfectly for this. I think she did a great job!
Parting shot: some of our Halloween Goody Bags. These are a Martha Stewart Kit. I love her kits: they always look so nice.

Well, I have been sewing, believe it or not. And knitting. I will have a cool "Chicken Awning" and "Civil War Knitted Cap" to share soon!

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Joy Candrian said...

I'm glad you shared that quilt, it's so fun!