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Friday, November 15, 2013

Tenille's Beautiful Baby & Bonnet!

Today's post is my favorite kind to write: I get to share the lovely work of a facebook friend! Tenille Brien shared pictures of her version of the Ella Kathryn Bonnet pattern on facebook. I asked her if I could share her gorgeous girls and bonnet with you and she graciously agreed!
Here is the bonnet on her little girl Veronica, 9 months. She is shown with sister Mathilda. These lovely ladies are from Australia, where it is warm!
Here is some info from Tenille:
The fabric came from an unused sheet, I also made the piping to match. The lace was flat lace that I gathered slightly. The smocking itself started out to follow a design from Australian Smocking & Embroidery because I was going to have it match a dress, but I deviated from that and just sort of made it up as I went along, I’ve only been smocking for about 3 years and I’m self-taught so I don’t do bullion roses or most of the other fancy stitches, I just like the neat geometric patterns, so I kept it quite simple. I did also make the dress that Veronica is wearing, and the blouse that Mathilda is wearing.
 I have to disagree that it's "quite simple"! I find the white on white absolutely stunning and the eyelet trim is so girly and pretty! Did you note Tenille's statement that she also made the dress and blouse shown here? Where does she find the time with 3 children: 4, 3, and 11 months!?
And one more...
Wonderful!! Thank you, Tenille, for sharing your beautiful family and stitching!
If you want to download a free "Ella Kathryn Bonnet" pattern, just click on the pattern picture on the right of my blog.


TiramiSue said...

This bonnet is exquisite. You must be pleased Lisa to see your design popping up around the world. Sue

Elisabeth Rose said...

It is lots of fun, Sue! I just wish I could find time to make more patterns!!