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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vintage Wicker Doll Buggy

I was very excited to spot this doll buggy at a yard sale I drove by last weekend. Of course, I turned the car around to check it out. It is adorable and in excellent condition! The wicker is perfect, the hood moves, and the seat can sit up or lay flat!
Here it is modeled by a reborn doll my daughter Katie painted. That will be another post!

Here's a side view. The doll is 19" long, newborn size, so you can see what a good size this is. My little Andy loves to push it and it fits him perfectly!

Look at the real glass windows on the hood.

and pretty detailing on the wicker.

This handle is a working brake!

Finally, the original paper label is on the bottom. Notice it says that the carriage will hold up to 150 lbs!! I can't imagine what doll would need that, but perhaps they figured brothers would wheel around several friends?

It just needs one screw replaced on the handle, but I know my Dad can do that.

Would you have paid $30?? I was happy to get it for that!!

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Laura said...

If I had the cash, I'd pay that in a heartbeat! (Though I'd try and bargain them down, too.)