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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Civil War or Bust

Well, our first Civil War Event was a bust! I sewed all week to get ready. My dress and hoop were borrowed. I made Andy's little frock and drawers as well as the tunic outfit he already modeled and a simple sacque coat. Also, an apron for myself which never got worn. Maybe I'll put the whole shebang on one more time before I have to return the dress.

We got all dressed up and went to the venue, but I misunderstood the schedule and there was really nothing happening on Friday. So, it was a practice run. The re-enacting season is over for this year, so I can take the winter to make myself a dress and learn more about it. We will try again in April.

Here's the little sacque coat I made in case of cool weather. It would look better over the blue frock. It has coat sleeves, which are sewn in 2 pieces so they have a curve. I read that they are also called "shake your hand" sleeves, because your arms naturally bend in them. The dress I borrowed has them, too. I wanted to find some black narrow trim or braid to add to the coat, but I didn't have time. I can add it later. It is just a simple unlined coat with narrow bias binding.

The weather has turned to Fall here and we will enjoy a long weekend with birthday parties and a pumpkin festival! I hope you have a nice weekend, too!

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Stephanie Ann said...

Oh what bad luck! But hopefully you will have all winter to research and sew and you and your family will get to go out in outfits you absolutely love. Hope to see you out sometime!