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Friday, September 27, 2013

Re-enacting Wardrobe: part 2: Tot's Tunic and Trousers

I'm back!! Gosh, we have had a string of sort-of-bad-luck lately. Lots of accidents and illnesses and a broken-down car (hubby's, not my new-to-me car). However, I like to look at the bright side, so I'm happy that everyone is OK and the car is fixed. Not much sewing gets done when one is at the doctor, orthodontist, car place, etc. every day. However, my exciting new hobby, historical re-enacting, has 2 events coming up. The Regency Ball on October 5- ahhh!! And my first Civil War event on October 11. Luckily, I am borrowing something for the Civil War event. I already made my corset, but tomorrow I need to work on my Regency Gown.
This week, I chipped away at a Civil War Tunic and Drawers for Andy. I just have to add buttons and buttonholes to the tunic, but here it is:
I tried to make this a practical combo of historical authenticity and quick enough to finish on time. I started with 2 patterns by Elisabeth Stewart Clark: the Girl's Dresses and Boy's Tunics & Trousers. I actually used the girl's Infant Bodiced Dress for the top of the tunic. It was the shape I am the most familiar with and I only had a scant 2/3 yard of the plaid fabric. It is a homespun from JoAnn's and they only had a scrap left.
I added piping from the solid green to the sleeve seams, neckline, and waistband.
I was going to make the authentic trousers to go with the tunic, but they had 2 waistbands, plackets, and buttons. I really wanted to finish this tonight and no one will see the waistband under the tunic, so I took a short-cut. I used the Scientific Seamstress Easy-fit Pants pattern to make drawers with tucks at the legs. They are really simple with an elastic waist and the hem is stitched by machine into the first tuck. I think they look great together and I love the colors for Fall.
If I have time, I'd like to make him one more tunic/frock. Did you know little boys wore dresses till about 3 years old? Andy is right in between frock and tunic age, so I'd like to do one of each. I also have a beautiful blue/gray plaid "faux wool" that would be perfect for a sacque/coat to keep him warm.
I promise I won't be gone so long...hope you are still reading!!

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kim leavens said...

Still here :)... I hate it when life gets in the way of sewing !! The outfit is beautiful. Can't wait to see your regency gown.