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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chicken Pops, Elbones, Fever, and the ER!

I never believed that Friday the 13th meant trouble, but I am reconsidering! I think the whole week is cursed. We started with some weird "spots" on Andy that turned out to be a mild case of chicken pox or "pops" as he calls them. He had the vaccine, so it was a very minor case. He thinks he got them from our chickens! Not so bad.
On Thursday the 12th, it was pouring rain when Katie walked out of school and slipped on the concrete. She injured her elbow, so the nurse put her in a sling and called me to take her to the doctor. When the sling came off, there was a weird dent in her elbow and her forearm looked crooked. She had dislocated it. The doctor sent us to the hospital and said she would probably need surgery to fix it. We spent 5 hours in the ER, but they were able to "reduce" it with just IV painkillers. Yahoo!
The same night, Pete had his check up and got a meningitis vaccine. The next day, he woke up with a fever and headache.

We are wondering what will hit us today? I drove very carefully this morning- so far, so good.
In actual sewing news, I celebrated surviving the week by working on my corset project. I just have to install the eyelets/lacing and I'll be ready to share. Hopefully tomorrow!! I hope you all had an uneventful Friday the 13th week!!


Joy Candrian said...

Oh my, what a bad luck couple of days...I hope life will flip flop & luck will come your way with good health & no more injuries. I can't believe you got any sewing accomplished with all that going on.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks, JOY! Things seem to be going better now. Katie's arm isn't too bad and everyone else is a bit better. I hope this week will be calm!