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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chicken Run!

Still not much sewing here. I do have some interesting projects I'm working on, though! The beginning of school has been stressful. I think we enjoyed summer so much that no one wanted to get back in the routine YET. Up by 6:00, rush around, homework, packing lunches, carpool, etc. We miss our free time! Anyway, I hope to get more done soon, but today I am taking the kids to the Y, bowling, roller skating, etc. with friends, plus Davy has a birthday party to attend. Another busy day...
My Dad and I spent Labor Day making this awesome "chicken run" for BSB (Bennie, Shelly, Blackie, shortened to BSB thanks to a facebook friend!).
The motivation for the run was that BSB were getting more daring and when I let them "free range" they were heading straight for the woods you can see to the right of the picture. It is quite dense and on the other side is a neighbor with a dog that would love to make a snack of BSB. This way, they have much more room to roam and can be free all day.
It has a door that lines up with the door of their coop, so they can travel in between easily. There is a roosting pole across the center- Blackie and Bennie are sitting on it in this picture.
They love all their space! I am glad that they are safe. It took about 6 hours to make this, including staining. My Dad is an awesome woodworker and brought his "mobile workshop" to my garage. We had fun working together and it reminded me of the projects we did when I was little. One of my favorite things to do was go to the hardware store with my Dad. This run cost about $85 to make. It reminded me of the time we bought 10 cent goldfish and had to buy $100 aquarium. Our chicks cost $2.50 and I keep finding new things they need! They are really sweet, though, and fun to watch! Hope you don't mind another "chicken project". I am working on a historical project with a long story (isn't there always?) that I will share next!


Karen said...

Love your chicken stories! BSB are getting so big and fluffy. Pretty soon you'll be getting eggs, right? Have fun today with all your 'Mom Doings'.

StitchJunkie said...

So funny! Was looking at the blog and found this. I've been begging hubby to let me do this LOL!