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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Cupcakes

Well, I have been away for a week. It has been a stressful one, with 5 kids starting school on staggered days. Davy started 3rd grade on Wednesday, Rosie 8th grade on Thursday, Pete and Katie are senior and sophomore up at the HS, and today was Andy's first day of 3 year old preschool! Wow, I have kiddos in the youngest and oldest grades in our town!! Cool Mom, huh??
Anyway, it is all going pretty well, though we are sad to see a wonderful summer end. We had so much fun, but it went too fast!
So, we had a Labor Day cookout with some friends.
Rosie made these grill cupcakes with shish kebobs!! They took hours!
The little corn cob is gumpaste. The grill is royal icing. The flames are colored sugar. Patience, my dear! She was up late at night working on these.
 Katie loves to bake, too. She prepared cupcakes, frostings, and various trims so that she and her friend could decorate at the cookout. They had a great time and we all benefited from the results.
I had one of each girl's treats and they were both delicious!! Plus, we had fun with our friends.
Not much sewing has been going on, but I do have a cool wood-working project, some special dolls, a tent project, and some interesting historical projects I'm starting on, so...come back soon!

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Joy Candrian said...

Those cupcakes are so so fun! Thanks for sharing.