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Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm a Cheater

I feel very blessed to have a talent, even a passion, for sewing. I love being able to make things I couldn't buy. OOAK (one of a kind!) Sometimes, though, it is fun to cheat. I wanted to make Andy something for Thanksgiving. Then I saw this PERFECT smocked outfit on ebay. I especially like it because it will be cute for Fall in general as well as Thanskgiving or Halloween. 
It really takes the pressure off to have this outfit all ready to go! Isn't it cute? Do you ever cheat and buy something you could make?


Bratling said...

Yes. All the time. Sometimes I have to ask the question: is this more cost effective to buy? I have a small pile of clothing for my two-year-old niece that I purchased at a consignment sale. Some of it is brand new, the rest is gently used. I could have made every single piece except for the one sweater, but it cost me less than making it, and as my sister won't measure her, it's more likely this will fit. It's also less aggravating this way, because my sister has never taken care of the OOAK, handmade items I've made for her kids in the past. They end up looking like garbage, which annoys me! Lizzy's smocked Christmas dress cost me a grand total of $7.50. It's brand new with the tags on it and the pinwale corduroy to make it would have cost me more than that. (Nothing for Ricky this time around, unfortunately. Didn't see anything I liked.)

On the other hand, I tend to make OOAK items for the two nieces I'm helping raise. I'm about to embark on Christmas dresses for them...

Amy Bailes said...

I cheat all the time - with a 15 yo, 10 yo, and a 3 yo? I don't have the time or the want to make a lot of stuff. I will do occasional special requests.