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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Fun Challenge

 My Quilt Guild is doing an "Orphan Block" Challenge over the next few months. People in the Guild were invited to donate left over, unloved, or random quilt blocks. I donated several machine embroidered blocks that were tests I did. The program chairs organized the blocks into paper bags and we chose a number. I picked 2, because I usually attend both the day and evening meetings. I think I got lucky! I got blocks that will make a good start on a baby boy quilt and a baby girl quilt. The blue flying geese/boy novelty blocks will make a nice vertical row. I plan to do 5 vertical rows with a different color in each row combined with more novelty prints.
 The embroidered mouse is a square I donated! It was packaged with these pretty pink rail fence blocks. I'm thinking about taking them apart so I have 12 individual squares that I can stitch around the mouse. Then add another row of something on the outside: perhaps 9-patch squares or just a big row of squares alternating light and dark.
Here's a close-up of the cute mouse. We can take apart or cut up the squares if we want- almost anything goes. We can make a quilt of any size or even use the squares for a pillow, apron, etc. I'm wondering if I can quickly get the pink one done as a decoration for the baby shower I'm running in 2 weeks. Probably not! But I might try.

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