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Friday, June 29, 2012

Evelyn & Tate

A friend of mine had twins last week. A boy and a girl, named Evelyn and Tate. I really like their names. There are a few reasons that they will be in the hospital for a little while, so I thought blankets with their names would be nice to have in their bassinets. I had a little stash of flannel on hand and these are 2 of my favorite prints.
I originally thought I'd do the traditional pink and blue, but I liked these prints so much that I changed my mind. I think they still say "boy" and "girl". The name labels are variations of designs from Oma's Place. I think they were both freebies, but they may have been from the blanket label set. I took out the original words and put their names in. The applique "tag" is on white pique.
Close up of Tate's blanket.
Close up of Evelyn's blanket.

I'm just starting work on Andy's 4th of July sunsuit and I still need to finish up the ruffly girl outfit I showed a while ago. Hope you are all enjoying the nice summer weather!


Bratling said...

Very pretty. :) But nice weather? LOL! Not sure where you live, but here it's 104 in the shade and supposed to get up to 107 this weekend! Ah, the lovely weather in Georgia! :)

Elisabeth Rose said...

Well, I am in the Northeast and it is hot here, too. But we have AC and this heat is nice for swimming and the beach. We don't complain about summer here, since our winters can be full of snow and cold and once we lost power for 8 days- uggh. Hope you can stay cool!!