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Monday, June 4, 2012

Doggone Good Cake!

Not much sewing happening here, but I do have a story to share with you!
Pete, 16, had a Robotics competition on Saturday. He left at 6:30am and traveled with the team. After the competition, they had their team party. It is a large team, with over 60 kids plus mentor adults. Each family is expected to sign up to send some food for the party. Pete wanted me to send cake- the most perfect food on earth in our opinion. "Should I buy a big one at a bakery, or do you want me to make it?" I asked. "Oh, make that delicious scratch chocolate cake with the yummy fudge frosting" Pete answered. "OK, happy to do that for you darling son." I signed up for the cake on the group spreadsheet and then was informed that it should also say "Happy Birthday" for all the team members with summer birthdays. "OK, no problem." Well, I never had a chance to do anything about it and before I knew it, it was Saturday. It was a day of torrential downpours, a good day to stay inside and bake. I took the other 4 kids and went to the store for the supplies, came home and baked not one, but TWO of the cakes, decorated them, and loaded everyone into the car again. We drove the cakes to his school to meet him between the competition and the party. We quickly dropped off the cakes in the rain and went home. One of the mentors told me pick up would be around 8 or 9pm. I heard from Pete once around 8 and he said he would call when the party ended. At 9:30 I started to worry a bit and called, but he didn't answer his phone. I finally heard from him at 10:20, at which time Hubby went to get him, so I didn't see him that night. The next day he slept late, then I was out doing errands and took the girls to a movie. The whole family finally met at Burger King for dinner. Once we were settled, I finally had the chance to ask Pete how his day was.
Pete: "It was great. Our team won first!"
Me: "That's great! How was the party?"
Pete: "It was fun. I played foosball, Wii, and we even went in the pool (in the dark and rain!)"
Me: "Wow. How did everyone like the cake?"
Pete: "Well, we had lots of cake. Mike brought a huge one, too. But yours was really popular!"
Me: "Did both cakes get eaten?"
Hubby and Pete exchange guilty glances.
Me: "What?"
Pete: "Well, your cake was the most popular and 1 1/2 of them got eaten. The rest was on the table when we went out to swim". In a soft voice "Then one of the mentors said the dog was eating it."
Me: "A DOG ate my homemade from scratch, delicious chocolate cake!!??"
Pete: "Ummmm...yeah."
Katie: "Dogs get diarrhea from eating chocolate."
Me: "I hope he had diarrhea all over their house."

If you want the recipe, you can find it in my previous post, titled The Most Scrumptious Chocolate Cake.


Aunt Honey said...

That cake looks yummy!

Goosegirl said...

That is hilarious!!!! But the cake looks delish!