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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I had a few extra minutes before carpool the other day and I took a quick look at a local antique store. It's one of those big old houses with many different dealers each having a small booth. I spotted a box of old buttons marked 50% off and I had to take a look. This is what I found:
Here are the details:
5 old cards of buttons: I think 3 of these are mother of pearl (MOP).
6 strips of MOP buttons. The cards/strips of buttons were 50-75 cents each!!
A really old package of circular knitting needles or "pins" size 2. When I opened it up, there were 3 inside. I don't knit on size 2s very often, but I thought this was very cool. It was $2.
This neat fact sheet was also in the package.
Old metal diaper pins for 50 cents.
 My favorite thing is these brass buttons, apparently removed from a Cadet's jacket from the US Military Academy. On the back, they say Waterbury Button Co, Conn. I looked it up and that is a real company that makes all the buttons for the military, so I think these are authentic. I thought they'd be really nice on a little boy's sailor suit in navy wool for winter. They were my most expensive buy at $1 each.
I love "finds" at antique stores- don't you??


Janice said...

Wow! You really scored on this little shopping excursion. Great finds! Don't you just love these fruitful impromptu sprees? I just dug 2 yds. of vintage 36" blue dotted Swiss from the bottom of a bin at Goodwill. I paid $1.99.

Elisabeth Rose said...

I know you'll do something amazing with the blue dotted Swiss! What a steal- I don't think we have any Goodwill stores here- I'll have to check. Yes, I love finding these old treasures. If only I had time to make them all into something!