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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

McCall's 1956

I was very happy to get some original pages from the 1956 McCall's pattern counter book. I have the pages with the baby and children's patterns. I was surprised to find a few in the book that I own! I thought it would be fun to show you them, both as pattern and in the book.
Here's McCall's 1623 for a toddler's overalls, jacket, and cap. It has a cute transfer for an elephant and bear. My pattern is size 2.

And here is the same pattern as it appeared in the pattern book.

McCall's 1817 is a fun pattern for a girl's suspender skirt with buttoned-in petticoat. Wouldn't this be fun to make for a 1950s party? My girls have been to several 50s parties over the years and always went in a poodle skirt.

Here's the pattern page for the same pattern.
These patterns originally cost between 35 and 45 cents. I wondered how much that would be today, so I checked the inflation calculator. It would equal $2.78-$3.57 today. This is interesting. The sticker price on a McCall's pattern today is about $15 (does anyone really pay that?). On sale, they are often $1-2. So, you could say it is more or less expensive now, depending on your point of view! However, the independent pattern company patterns run from $10-$18, so those are definitely more expensive than their 1956 counterparts.

I have Andy's Easter romper nearly done- I just need to do the sleeves and elasticize the legs. I love it so far and can't wait to show it to you!

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Jan said...

I love old children's patterns. I'm thinking of hitting up some of the antique shops in my area. Sounds like a good time for one of my days off work.