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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Part II: Suit or Dress??

Well, I am just getting this posted in time to count for today, since we have the time change tonight. I am glad for it, because the sun will set later now! 
 Todays "Suit or Dress" is similar to yesterdays, but in a nice vintage peach color. Unfortunately, this had some brown spots on it when I got it. I treated all 4 outfits in Biz and then washed them. The spots came out in the wash, but so did the fabric! This little top is now peppered with tiny holes. I guess my best approach would be to find thread in the right color and make careful repairs? Do you have any other suggestions?
 This one has a bit of smocking on the front, but it's not English smocking, it's just slightly gathered. The collar and cuffs are the same slightly stiff linen, which ironed beautifully.
The shaped hem is also the same as the purple outfit, but this one has cross-stitched ducks on it.
The pants are exactly like the purple ones. They are not lined, as most button-on pants patterns today are made. They have flat-felled seams and interestingly, were sewn with white thread. They also need a "waist" with buttons to hold them up. This outfit is also a size 2-3. So what do you think now? So far, we are tied with 1 vote for girl, 1 for boy. Another outfit tomorrow...check back.


Bratling said...

Girl because of the color.

gmaofthree said...

I vote boy, because of the style.