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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snuggie for my Little Snuggly Bear

Today I made a very quick project. In fact, it took longer to trace the pattern than it did to sew! When I was at Hobby Lobby last week, I found a McCalls pattern for this little blanket sleeper on sale for 99 cents. Andy doesn't like to sleep with covers and he likes his feet free, but I think he gets cold. When I saw this design with free arms and feet, but warm fleece covering the body, I thought it would be perfect.The pattern comes in sizes 6 months to 4, so I traced the size 2 for Andy, who is 19 months old. After tracing, I held it up to him and it was HUGE. I traced the 6 month size and even that is big on him. I don't know what the pattern drafters were thinking with this one. I tried it on and he seemed to like it. If he sleeps really well tonight, I'll be delighted!

I have finished everything but the 16 buttonholes on the 1919 romper and I'm scared to do them. They will be on the velveteen and I have visions of them stitching wonky. Maybe I'll attempt it tomorrow. I can't wait to show it to you!

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