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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Circa 1919 Romper Modeled

I haven't posted in several days because every day I woke up determined to tackle the buttonholes on this romper and every day I chickened out. Today I worked on them and, as I feared, they were terrible. I will have to pick them out and do something else. I pinned it on Andy so that I could show it and to ask you what type of buttons do you think would look good? I spent a long time looking at buttons and couldn't find any I liked. I considered mother of pearl (too white), leather (dry clean only), wood (too casual), dark Nordic-sweater looking (too military), brown plastic (too plain), brown tortoise-type (too informal), etc. What would you use? 

Anyway, I love everything else about this little romper. I followed an original antique pattern (blogged here), which is a size 2. 
The directions were very minimal, but I had a pretty easy time figuring it out. I drafted the velvet neck trim to match the points on the sleeve cuffs. The fabric is a really soft twill: like flannel, but thicker and with more body. The back is so cute with the drop-seat and it's very full. I think the clothes were made this way to accommodate the thick layers of diapering. I'll have to try it on again with cloth diapers next time. 

I found an antique picture with a similar romper.
Do you notice how puffy the legs are? I wonder what undergarments are hiding under there? I can see why they were able to wear short pants even in winter, because they probably had long woolen undies and stockings underneath.
Please send advice about making buttonholes on a velveteen belt with a thick seam in the way AND what type of buttons would look good??


gmaofthree said...

The romper is adorable as is the model! I'm sorry you had such a time with the buttonholes. I hate picking them out! As for buttons, when I'm stumped, I often opt for covered buttons. Is the fabric too heavy for that or are there too many to do? Maybe the legs in the antique picture substitute for a diaper bag- just stuff a few extra diapers in there.

Travel_with_a_purpose said...

Hi Lisa, have you thought about velvet covered buttons to match the belt? Or grey MOP buttons? For the buttonholes, try a solvy topper.

Janice said...

This is just toooo precious, Lisa. It looks like a portrait from the turn of the century (1900, not the current one.) The shoes are fabulous, the fabric is fabulous, the trim is just perfect. I love it.

Jan M said...

I think fairly plain brown buttons would look fine. Let the attention be on the design of the romper, and not necessarily the buttons. There are also black mother-of-pearl buttons that sometimes have a hint of brown in them. I have also seen natural shell buttons in brown. They are sometimes decorative, but maybe you will be lucky and find some simple ones in brown. On the belt, would you be able to stitch a button to the top, but actually close the garment with a large snap underneath? That is often done in ready to wear on heavier fabrics.
The romper and model really are adorable!