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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hey Diddle Diddle...Baby Gift

 This week I made a baby gift for a friend whose daughter is having a little boy in December. I over-thought this one a lot. I found the nice moon and stars flannel, but couldn't decide what to put on it. Finally I saw this cute design at EmbLibrary and I thought it was perfect.
The blanket is 40" square with plain hemmed edges. I thought about crocheting an edge, but I wasn't sure if the Mom would like that for a boy. I did something new on the back of the blanket. I ironed fusible baby interfacing from Farmhouse Fabrics over the embroidery. It makes it soft and looks so nice. I'll definitely be doing it this way from now on.
The back of the embroidery
The burp cloth also has a special treatment on the back. I stitched a strip of flannel to make the burp cloth into a tube, then added the border at one end. It makes it a nice size, seals in the back of the embroidery, and makes both sides pretty, too.
The little hat is crocheted with a soft yarn. It's a self-striping blue and white and this one happened to be mostly white with blue at the scalloped edge. This baby lives in a warm climate, so I'm not sure if the hat is necessary, but I always liked my newborns to have a soft, cuddly hat.


Baby shower gifts said...

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Janice said...

Sweet, sweet gift set! Everything is so perfect and coordinated, but the little crocheted cap is really the frosting on the cake!

Jan M said...

So sweet, especially the little cap!