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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Adorable Sock Monkey Hat!

I am not a big fan of sock monkey toys. I think they are a nice vintage thing, but I don't own any and have never desired to make one. But when I saw the pattern for this hat on Etsy, it just looked so cute to me! I bought it and a bluebird hat pattern by the same seller. Let me say that this was the best-written pattern I've ever bought. The directions were complete, accurate, easy-to-follow, and even had photos. The seller even offers to help you by email, but you won't need it! 
I bought the Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn at Michael's and I liked it very much. It's soft and washable. I still need to add the pompom, but I haven't been able to find the Clover pompom maker yet. My hat was supposed to be for Andy, but my crochet was a bit loose (and my kids have compact heads) so it fits Davy perfectly. I might make another smaller one for Andy. I think it would look cute with a red shirt and brown pants.
It took me about a week of occasional crocheting to make this. I was working on the ears while my kids had lunch at Pizza Hut one day. Our waitress was so enchanted with the hat, she was telling everyone she worked with to come see it. I gave her the link for the pattern. It is a fun hat that makes people smile. I definitely recommend patterns by sock monkey kook on etsy!

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Shelley said...

LOVE your hat! It's so cute! I bought a pattern for one from etsy, too, but haven't actually made one yet ;)