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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Row Robin Results

Happy Weekend! Thursday night was the "unveiling" of the finished row robin quilts at my Guild meeting. If you have never participated in a row robin, here's how it works: groups of 5 or 6 ladies each make a row for a quilt using fabrics they like. This is the first row of their quilt and it gets put in a bag with plenty of fabric to make the rest of the quilt. Monthly, each lady gets a new kit to work on and makes one row for each lady's quilt in her group. No one sees their quilt again until the unveiling. My groups theme was "Sampler Quilt" so we each started with a row of 4-6 12" blocks. Other group themes were: minis, hand pieced, and anything goes. I want to show you some of the most interesting ones.
This is my quilt. I tried to do something different than my usual very traditional style and I'm so-so on it. Maybe once it is sashed in black I will like it better. I love the blocks everyone made; I'm just not sure of the colors.

This quilt was in my group, too. She chose very similar colors to mine, but I like hers better! We each had to make 6 blocks for this one! I think it turned out really pretty.
This quilt is so pretty and was made by/for a special lady. I first met her at a quilting retreat and she later joined our Guild. She was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time, but is now doing well. She joined this row robin to get back into things after her recovery. Halfway through, her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That is why one row has "HOPE" and the last row has a gorgeous paper-pieced dove, which was custom-designed for this quilt and has 68 pieces. The recipient loved her quilt and inspires us all with her gentle, positive attitude.
This lady who started this quilt attends a family summer camp each year. Every year, they hold an auction to benefit the camp. For the past several years, she has made a quilt to donate. She always uses the camp as the theme of the quilt and adds photo-transfer squares. She noticed that camp-themed items fetched higher prices and indeed her wallhanging sized quilts have sold in the hundreds of dollars! For our row robin, she provided each lady with one photo transfer block to work into their quilt. Didn't it turn out great?
This quilt was the one everybody loved! The lady who started this has the most creative ideas. She is known in our Guild for saving selvages to use in projects and has made mini quilts just from selvages; and they are beautiful!! She designed this mini with a special theme. Each lady had to make 4 blocks: where they come from, their family, their hobbies, and a special day in their life. It was a real challenge, but I think everyone had fun doing it. We all thought it was so clever and fun, that the summer challenge for our Guild is to make a quilt project for ourselves with blocks for each of these themes. I plan to give it a try!!
The lady who started this mini wanted to re-create a view out her kitchen window. Each lady was to make a single "pane" in the window, with a local bird on a birch tree. I think they did an amazing job. Notice how all the branches fit together? This will be so pretty sashed to look like a window.
This quilt had a theme of "Your Favorite Flower". She asked for each person to create their favorite flower however they liked, in any size. I love the 3-D forget me nots.

Well, those are just some of the beautiful quilts we created. You can see that there are very talented and creative ladies in my Guild. 

Happy Father's Day to all my blogging friends. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day with your Dad, Husband, Grandfather, Son, Brother, or any special Guy in your life!!


claudia becker said...

I like the colors of your row robin, very modern! Maybe it's lack of practice with this combination of colors that is bothering you.

Very nice your blog
Hugs from Brazil
(forgive my bad english)

Lana Hardy said...

Your quilts are awesome. I love the colors!! I will have to try getting more creative. Thanks for the inspiration. Lana