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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First 4th of July Romper

This sweet little boy's romper has seen my 3 boys through their First (or in Andy's case, second) 4th of July! It has always been one of my favorite creations. It is 100% cotton gingham in royal blue and white. The collar and sleeves are very simple and the fullness is created by pleats, front and back. The smocked insert is "Bearly A Sailor" by Little Memories. This outfit is perfect for Independence Day, but works all summer, too! I had Andy's picture taken in it last week and I love how it turned out. The red chair is perfect and did you notice the little sailboat shoes (purchased by Katie)? The pattern for this romper is ABC Kids (formerly Yvonne Denise) Justin-Julie. I have made this pattern 3 times and it always comes out cute and is a great fit! This is a good one for people who don't like something too full on a boy, but it also has girls' versions. Give it a try!
Here's a close-up of the smocking:

I want to make my kids some ME t-shirts for 4th of July. Maybe once school is out, I'll have more free time to sew! I hope SEW!!


Janice said...

Oh, this is just precious! It seems that everything you make is so well constructed and has such perfect balance of color, pattern, texture and style. The shoes are the finishing touch! I hope you have many, many pictures of each of your boys in this darling little bubble.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thank you, Janice!! You are very kind. I have always loved this little bubble and I do have pictures of each boy in it. I have always taken tons of pictures of my kids and contrary to popular opinion, I have even more of #5 than I did with #1 (due to digital pictures being so easy to over-do!)
Thanks so much for your nice words about my sewing; I feel the same way about all your wonderful creations!!