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Monday, May 16, 2011


I can't believe it has been more than a week since my last post! We have been "struck" by "struck throat" as my little Davy calls it (you know it as strep throat). Katie has had it 3 times; Pete, Rosie, and I have had it once, and Davy is on round 2. We are usually pretty healthy, but this winter has been a tough one. Hopefully this will be the last time we are struck!
Today I took a few pictures of Andy in a vintage button-on suit. It is a nice blue cotton broadcloth. I love the double-breasted front and the shaped collar.
It doesn't have a tag, so I don't know if it was purchased or home made. I'd guess it's from the 1940s or so. It must be a size 1, because it's a perfect fit on Andy, 11 months.
The only thing wrong with this little suit is that it is missing its belt. I think it looks sweet without a belt anyway.

Here's a side view. I had to give him a ping pong ball to get him to stay still for a second!

Keep going...

Finally, we have the adorable rear-view. I love button-on pants on little boys. Whenever I see a beautiful vintage garment, I wonder about the original owner.
I think when we get a nice warm day, I'll take Andy out to the store in this outfit and see if we get any comments. I think he looks so cute!!


Goosegirl said...

That is sooooo cute!! I love the details!

LMP said...

I agree! Mr. Andy does look just adorable in his vintage-wear! Great find for you.