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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage Button-on Suit...in PINK!

This adorable vintage boy's button-on suit has a fun story behind it. Last summer I was on vacation at the beach and went to a gift shop that I've enjoyed visiting since I was a little girl. They carry beautiful new linens, baby gifts, books, china, crafts, etc. On this visit, they had a rack of vintage children's clothing from the early 1940s. Of course, it attracted me like a bee to nectar! As I was browsing through the many little boy's suits and a few little girl's dresses, I overheard the knot of people near me chatting. The lady in the group was the child who wore the dresses and her 3 brothers were the owners of the boy's items. She had a set of twins and a single brother. Many of the outfits were in doubles for the twins and some were monogrammed. This little button-on suit attracted me right away (along with a pretty blue one I'll share another time). This was also the suit the people were talking about. "Can you believe my Mom put that on a boy?" "Oh, my brother would die of embarrassment if he knew Mom dressed him like that!" "Who would buy pink for a boy!?" Meanwhile, I was thinking "look at the delicate collar and cuffs, the French lace, the scalloped pants top, the mother of pearl buttons" and "I wish people dressed children like this today." Well, it had to come home with me. I paid $14 for it and I wish I could have bought the whole rack. I thought this was a size 1, but I held it up to Andy and it's still huge, so it must be more like a 2. It does have a little tag, but any writing is faded away.


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I would have bought it, too! It is just adorable. I read somewhere that red used to be a boy's color and pink was just considered a shade of red, so it was thought to be just another color for boys.

Elisabeth Rose said...

I've heard something like that, too. I found this interesting article about it:
I'm glad you like it, too, and thanks for your comment!