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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quilt Guild Fun

Quilted wall-hanging, entirely hand-sewn, about 16".
I belong to a wonderful Quilt Guild. We have a very active group of women who come from about 10 small towns in our area. I am lucky that our meetings are at a church only 10 minutes away. I always say that crafters are the nicest people and my guild is another example of that. I have enjoyed getting to know the 40 or so ladies in the group and have been inspired by each of their talents.
Most of the ladies piece and quilt by machine, a very few machine piece and hand quilt, but only 2 prefer to do everything by hand (and I am not one of them!). One of these ladies is an amazing 80-years-young quilter who copies museum pieces by drafting, cutting, piecing, and quilting by hand. Her quilts are unbelievable! She taught a class on making templates, piecing, and quilting by hand. This little wall-hanging is my project from her class. It was funny how many of the super-talented machine quilters had a real struggle with hand-work. I have done both and enjoyed making this little quilt, though I still prefer to piece by machine for speed. As for quilting, I prefer hand-quilting for heirlooms and machine-quilting for more utilitarian pieces. What do you prefer??
Detail of hand appliqued center.


Jan said...

Yours turned out great! As any puckers in my machine quilting makes me absolutely insane, I choose to handquilt. Much less headaches for me that way.

prsd4tim2 said...

Oh, I definitely machine piece, and I used to say I would NEVER hand quilt, but as they say, NEVER say "never". I have recently come to enjoy hand quilting more than I thought I would. I recently joined the quilt guild in my town, and have enjoyed meeting the other ladies and learning new techniques.

I've been trying to figure out how to message through google, and not having much luck, but I wanted to also say thanks for following my blog. It's great to know someone besides my family is reading - and my son says he only reads the non-sewing posts (LOL).

Happy stitching!

Elisabeth Rose said...

You are very welcome. I know how you feel! I find that I discount handwork for the time involved, but then when I do it, I love it! Thanks for your comment. I don't know how to message through google either, but I set up a gmail address for that reason- you could try that.