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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Little Smocked Dress Quilt

 Everyone loves these little smocked dress quilts. I have made 4 of them so far: 2 large (one isn't quilted yet!) and 2 small. You may remember that I shared another one here which was a charity quilt for my Guild. This one was made entirely by me and hand-quilted by my Mom. (the blue marks hadn't been washed out in these pictures-oops). These 4 bishop dress blocks were samples for a class I taught. I thought they went together pretty well, but wanted to do something different for the sashing. I decided to set them off with a double row of 2" blocks. These were cut entirely from scraps. When I have a scrap of fabric smaller than about 1/4 yard, I cut what's left into 2 1/2" strips, sort of like making my own "jelly rolls". I have used these strips so many times for projects and it's easier to store a bunch of strips than a lot of irregular scraps. Sometime when I have free time again, I'd like to make a boy's smocked outfit quilt. They are really fun to do! I like being able to work on one block at a time and because a lot of the sewing is by hand, it is portable. Do you like this quilt? If you do, leave a comment and brighten my day!! Thanks for reading.


LMP said...

Love the quilt!! You've inspired me. Now I want to make my niece little dresses like the blue/yellow and the purple this spring. Precious little quilt.

Elisabeth Rose said...

LMP, thanks for reading. I'm glad the mini dresses inspired you to make some big ones!

Travel_with_a_purpose said...

Your quilt is darling -- like everything you do! How do you find the time with five little ones?

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks, Twap, for the nice message!
Lately, I feel like I don't have any free time! It's not the baby, it's all the homework for the older kids and keeping up around the house. I hope to get back to my machine SOON.

Goosegirl said...

Oh Elizabeth, this is so pretty! I love the little smocked bishops! What is the size of this quilt? and have you written up instructions to sell as a quilt pattern? I just love it and want to try one. So very pretty.

Elisabeth Rose said...

This little quilt is 40x40". I have made 2 twin size quilts, which I haven't posted yet. (I will try to photograph them soon). I drafted my own bishop pattern for these, which I would be happy to share, but commercial patterns are available at: www.kreationsbykaron.com and she has tons of options. If you want a basic shape, you use the front of an American Girl size bishop dress and 1/2 of the sleeve on each side.