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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Funny Computer Guy Shirts

My hubby is Mr. Techno. I can be sure my computer and photos are always backed up 4 different ways. He is also a software guy for his job, so when I want to sew for him, computer-themed stuff comes to mind.
This denim shirt was purchased at Walmart. I un-sewed the pocket, did the machine embroidery, then sewed the pocket back on. I love this saying. The embroidery is from Embroiderydesigns.com.

The next shirt was also purchased and embroidered on the pocket. This design is also from Embroiderydesigns.com. I like their site when you need something really specific. They always have tons to choose from, even if you need something unusual! These are shirts that always result in a funny comment. In fact, they've even led to some people "commissioning" items to be embroidered.

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