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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Smocked Newborn Floral Bubble

This was a fun project! I wanted to make a truly newborn-sized smocked bubble. So many "newborn" patterns don't fit until the baby is 12-15lbs. Even a 9lb newborn is TINY. So, I calculated and reduced my Chery Williams' Bishop Bubble pattern to 93%. I then smocked and constructed as usual and it's a perfect fit on my newborn-sized reborn "Elisabeth".

Here it is modeled. She also has on a smocked bonnet I made. I will share more photos of that later.

It is a perfect fit.

Here is a closeup of the smocking. I did a 1/2 space wave at the top and wove 1/8" ribbon through. 

The rest is just a wave pattern with pink flowerettes.

The sleeves are also smocked with ribbon run through and tied.

The fabric is a luscious floral lawn that is very soft and has a bit of  sheen. Really pretty!

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