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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Mother's Day Kitchen Sets

My parents have lived in the same house since before I was born. I lived there till I got married and it wasn't until this Easter  that I realized my Mom didn't have any real oven mitts!! We were shuffling things in the oven with dinky potholders and the knit dishcloths I had made her. That gave me my inspiration for her Mother's Day gift.

This first set has purchased mitts (I got them on Amazon) and I think they're really pretty! I added a pretty yellow Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel embroidered with a colander filled with pansies. I have always wanted to stitch this design and it turned out as pretty as I hoped!
The dishcloth is one of many I knitted this winter. It's a self-striping cotton yarn. These are great as dishcloths, pot holders, trivets, mug rugs, etc.  and they are super easy to knit!!

The second set is for their house near the beach. The mitts are short ones that just cover your hand. I thought I'd see which style she likes better. My Mom seems to have heat-proof hands just like my Grandmother did, so perhaps these will be plenty.

Thisset has shells on the mitts and I embroidered a jar of fireflies on the blue W-S kitchen towel. I used my new glow-in-the-dark thread for the fireflies' aura, but then the fireflies (gray) didn't show up much. This design would have been better on a light background.
The knit dishcloth here is a blue/turquoise variegated cotton.

Here's a closer view of the embroidery. The gray looked good for the jar, but I should have separated the fireflies and stitched them in black. I'm eager to see how they glow in the kitchen after dark.

My Mom is awesome and always helps me out. I hope she enjoys these kitchen sets!

Finally, here's the delicious cake my  kids got me for Mother's Day!!

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