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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Ducks Love Rain!

My quilt guild had a challenge to make a quilted wallhanging with the theme "LOVE."
The max size is 20"x20"- otherwise you could do anything you like. I decided to enlarge my vintage ducky with umbrella embroidery design to fit my large hoop. I pieced and quilted the front BEFORE I did the embroidery, so that the embroidery stitches wouldn't be covered by the quilting stitches.
My 2 pet ducks LOVE rain, water, puddles,  etc. so that's how this fits the theme! I named this quilt "Puddle Ducky".
I had a fun time making this from 30's prints and a yellow background. 
The quilts our guild members made will be raffled off to make money for our guild.
I only have a little picture of the others, but we got a nice variety of colors and patterns!!
I love challenges- they are a fun way to get a project done!!

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