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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vintage Pattern Love: Outfits for Men Dolls

This pattern was recently for sale, but as my Mom would say, "it was too rich for my blood." In other words, expensive. I was attracted to it because I have never seen anything like it! This must be a very rare pattern, indeed. It is in excellent condition, having been made in 1938. I thought I recognized the face as "Charlie McCarthy," which I had only heard of as a ventriloquist dummy.
Apparently in the 1930s, these were made as dolls by the well-known Effanbee Doll Co. They came in at least 3 sizes: 15", 17" and 20". I found this photo which references 5 outfits available for them:
It looks like they had the moving mouth, so I am not sure if these were geared towards adults or playthings for children. I have always thought they look a bit creepy.
Here's the face of the 1930s version:
It's not too bad.
But here's a more recent one...
Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Dummy Doll Puppet New
Tell me you wouldn't be afraid to sleep in a room with that sitting on a chair watching you!

I love finding really unusual sewing patterns and this one is certainly unusual!

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