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Monday, July 25, 2016

Snap to It! Tutorial for Snap Bags

These cute little bags were a project at my Quilt Guild last week. I was the lucky teacher, so I had to make a sample to try it out!
These fabrics are from Hobby Lobby- my daughter bought them for me.
This dino bag is for Andy. These fabrics were in a grab bag.
This space bag is for Davy. More fabrics from a grab bag!
Here's how the inside looks when it's clicked open.
This is the secret behind the click! Segments of metal tape measures in the top casings!

I wrote some basic directions if you want to try one:

Fabrics should not be one-way prints
9x18 outer
9x 22 , (2) 4 ½” squares, and 3x15” strip (for optional strap), all of lining
8 ½ x 18 batting, thin cotton preferred
2 tape measure 8” long with duct tape ends
Mini: like a change purse
5x9 outer
5x13. (2) 4 ½” squares, and 3x15” strip (for optional strap), all of lining
5x9 batting. thin cotton preferred
2 tape measure 8” long with duct tape ends

  1. Iron 2 squares into prairie points and set aside
  2. Optional: for carrying strap: iron long strip down the middle, fold both long ends in and iron, then fold in half and iron. Stitch down the long edge and set aside strap.
  3. Lay lining fabric on table, right side down.
  4. Place batting on lining, centering it to leave borders at both short ends.
  5. Place outer fabric over batting, right side up, putting it evenly over the batting (they should be the same size).
  6. Optional: machine quilt on the outer fabric, either stipple (free-motion) or lines.
  7. Fold edges at ends in halfway (raw edge of lining fabric meeting raw edge of batting/outer). Then fold again, so that a casing is formed over the outer fabric at each short edge.
  8. Optional: if you are adding prairie points, pin them inside the casing at the center of each side. These are decorative, but also useful to pull the sides open.
  9. Stitch close to fold and at outer edge of casing on both ends. Be sure to stitch very close to the edges in order to have enough width to the casing to hold the tapes.
  10. Fold in half with outer fabric on the inside. Stitch one side only! 1/4” seam.
  11. Insert tape in each casing with numbered edge facing outside of bag. This makes it click better.
  12. Stitch other side with 1/4” seam.
  13. Optional: trim seams to remove extra batting and zigzag over seams- this makes the inside look nicer.
  14. Optional gussets: this will create a flat bottom to your bag: open and flatten seam up at 90 degrees- (seam along bottom center fold), sew across corner, 1” from point. Trim extra off.
  15. Flip bag and enjoy!

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Janice said...

This is such a cute idea! How clever is your use of metal measuring tape in the casing! Your directions are so clear and the samples are adorable. Thanks, Lisa.