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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Amazing Artwork

This beautiful string art was made by Rosie. She is taking geometry as one of her math classes this year and this was one of their projects. I want to hang it up. She asked me, as my kids so often do, "do you have any string?" Umm...string...no. Do you mean thread? I'll bet none of the other kids had so many color choices!!
Another pretty to share. Isn't this incredible? Can you believe this is fabric?!!
I would not have believed you if you told me there was a type of fabric I wasn't an hoarder of expert on. But after I got my serger for Christmas, I discovered the world of knits!
I had used them occasionally before for AG undies, etc. but today there are many groups that design custom knit fabrics- usually cotton/lycra like this one.
They are generally pre-order/pre-pay and I was nervous about that, so I didn't initially order any. But then I had non-buyer's remorse- is that a thing? I became obsessed interested in getting a piece of this. So, when limited amounts of retail were posted, I was ready. I even bought Retayne and color-catcher to wash as recommended, because this was not cheap. I can't say how much because my Mom and my hubby might read this!
What am I going to make?? I don't know. Probably some of those adorable maxaloones- they don't use much fabric. And maybe, just maybe a shirt for myself- if I just use it on the front, it won't use as much. 
I've been sewing up a storm and after adding some buttons, I will have 2 CC Lillians to share with you.

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