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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Ouch is the word that comes to mind today. Katie started vomiting on Saturday night and had to miss Easter. Andy had an infected tooth pulled last week and a tick bite this morning. Davy, Rose, and Pete have the sore throat too- will it turn into strep? After the tick visit today, we will have had 3 doctor and 1 dentist visit in 5 days all for different things. Ugg.
Ouch also works for my little boys' Easter shirts. Visions of elegance in khaki seersucker and tasteful embroidered shirts went out the window. We had a cool, rainy day and the boys wore pants with these shirts.
At 11, this is about all we can get away with anyway. At 5, Andy just wants to do whatever his big brothers do. Andy wanted a gold ribbon and a blue. I love the gold metallic. It reminds me of the gold Lindt bunnies with the ribbon.
I wasn't thrilled with the density/coverage on the bunnies. There is a lot of white show-through.

Speaking of t-shirts for boys, I am a couple of weeks late with this one:
Davy wore this on March 14. Our upper elementary has fun with pi day. Do you know what this one says??  See the answer after the story:

When my oldest was in fourth grade, the teacher used to hold a contest for who could bring in the most numbers of pi. My geeky hubby went online and printed a million numbers of pi in the tiniest font you can imagine, both sides of the paper, printed as a booklet. The teacher made Pete carry the booklet around all day and recite the numbers. By the time Katie had that teacher, they had to recite from memory the most numbers of pi! So far, four of our kids have had that teacher and we always remember that funny story.

Answer: I 8(ate) sum (some) pi (pie) on 3.14 (March 14).

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