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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lillian the Second

This Lillian was even more fun to make than the first one!
I was inspired by this Eiffel Tower embroidery design. It originally said "Amour" but I changed it to "Paris."
I remembered that Walmart had some Waverly Eiffel Tower fabric, so I went by and they actually had it in 3 colorways. I liked the purple, but Andy insisted on this blue. Neither of us liked the red. At $4/yd, their Waverly fabrics are a great choice.
I stitched a block of fabric with the blue dot and Paris fabric after the embroidery, but before I cut out the front. I made the seam hit at an empire waist level. Then I added a pretty ribbon, also by Waverly. Then it was just stitching it together with the lining and adding some plain navy buttons to the back.
Children's Corner Lillian, size 3.

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