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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Izzy + Color Me = FUN

I am always late to the party. I just found the new "color me" fabric last week. I couldn't resist ordering some! I chose the Royal Life and Christmas Candy Border designs at fabric.com.

One pattern I have been eager to try is the Izzy Top by Climbing the Willow. I have seen so many cute versions and it's a free pattern!
I had to lengthen it to dress length to accomodate the size of the color me design. I love it! The pattern is very quick and easy and really cute. The curved yoke is such a pretty touch!
I couldn't decide if the yoke should be white or a color. I am still not sure! I used white pique. There is a one-button closure at the back of the yoke. This is the kind of pattern you can make over and over again. I used about a yard of the fabric. I cut the yard along the middle, making 2 pieces about 22" long each x 1 "design" wide. Then I used the princess part for the front skirt and the clouds for the back skirt. You could certainly use twice as much and have the design go all around.
This is for my god-daughter Ella, for her 3rd Birthday. Her Mom loves to color with her and she's OCD enough so I know this will be well done- LOL!
Michael Miller Color Me Christmas Candy Border
 What am I going to do with the Christmas Candy Border Color Me fabric, you are wondering? Haley Crouse at Mouse House designed these fabrics and she offers a wonderful tutorial on making pillowcases from them. I plan to make my little boys cases for a little pre-Christmas project! I think we will have fun coloring them and using them!
I bet you're off to order some Color Me fabric right now, aren't you??

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Donna said...

Very cute! I've been planning to try the Izzy top for ages, and was just thinking about pulling it out this week. Yours turned out great!