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Monday, June 8, 2015

Spiderman Poncho

Since it is only 60 degrees here today, I thought I'd finally share this Spiderman poncho I made for Andy in April. I used Spiderman fleece, so it is very cozy. I thought he'd like it for the car.

Here it is with his "wings" up. He was very proud to wear it to preschool and told everyone, "my Mom made this for me".

Here's the back view. The whole thing is lined, so it is 2 warm layers of fleece. There is a zipper in front. I used a PDF pattern from Stitch Upon a Time. It was very quick and easy. Of course, by the time I finished it, Andy was on to Pokemon (but he still likes Spidey, too!)

I've got lots to share, but not much time to post. End of school activities are in full swing here!

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