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Friday, May 29, 2015

Chicken "Nuggets"

Yes, I am the clever one today. Sharing bits about my pet chickens!
Here is our little bit of chicken heaven! My Dad built the amazing coop for us last Fall. On the other end it has a "people" door which makes feeding and cleaning easy. Do you see the nesting area on the left? It has a lid that opens to collect eggs.
The little run on the far left was their original home (also built by Dad) but it is now the perfect spot for the chicks to play, since they cannot live with the big chickens till they are bigger.

Here's the inside view from the people door. The little chicken door leads to the ramp to their yard.

See the nesting boxes on the right and the heat lamp, above, for winter. There are also 2 windows. The roosting bar is where they sleep.

Right now the chicks are in the small cage so they are safe.

Shelly and Golden on bar, Blackie underneath.

Chicks are Squeak, Henrietta, and Chicky.

The chicks hiding under the coop.
Hens playing.
That's not a chicken!! Oh, yeah, it's one of the wild turkeys who often visit our yard!
This is to show you the variety of eggs we get. The dark brown, left bottom, is the size of a large egg you would buy at the grocery store. The little blue ones are from our Ameracauna and the super jumbos are from Blackie- not every egg is that huge, but many are. I have only found one double yoke so far, but who knows what we'll get when we crack these open!

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