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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Linny's Pinny for Rose!

I was contacted by a very sweet Mom who wanted a custom made "Linny's Pinafore" just like the one on the pattern cover. I usually don't sew to sell, but this lady was a really easy customer, so I agreed.
We are both very happy with the result!
I only had a little of this wonderful strawberry fabric left. I found the last 2 yards online and bought them! It is just the softest, yet crisp beautiful fabric. The bows are the same cotton pique, too. However, the ruffles are made from Imperial gingham (cotton/poly) because when I washed the other one with the all-cotton ruffles, they came out very wrinkled.

These ruffles should be wash & wear! This is a size 3 and I used over 200" of fabric to make the ruffles. Thank goodness for the gathering foot! Still, I had to do a perfect rolled hem on all those inches first. I think it raised my blood pressure!
I like the rolled hem ruffles because I think they are fluffier than the folded ones. The folded ones would certainly be quicker, though!!

I smocked the skirt one day while my boys were at a game league. It took about 4 hours. There is one "shadow" row of green at the bottom, but it is mostly red. It shows up well on the strawberry print.

The placket is from the red gingham, which just adds a pretty touch. I like the red flower buttons I got too!
The piping is red gingham as well.

Here's the view of the whole back.

Simple bloomers complete the outfit. I added a fold of ribbon at the back so my little customer will know which way they go.

I hope Rose's Mom will send some pictures of her in this darling outfit. I think I like it even better than the original!!