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Monday, February 23, 2015

Smocking Inspiration from a Century Ago!

I was excited to find an inexpensive original edition of Helena Buehler's 1916 Simplified Smocking!

The cover is done in color- very pretty!

Here are some little girl's dresses with touches of smocking. My favorite is the lower right with the shaped panel of smocking.

Rompers- my favorite baby clothes! I love the one with the shaped yoke and the sailboat. It reminds me of the Drew & Erin's bubble I made Andy when he was a baby.

Here are some long baby coats and little girl coats. They are so pretty, but wouldn't work too well in today's carseats, would they? They would be lovely for a winter Christening, though.

The back cover has these pretty photos.

There are several pages of Helena Buehler's designs. I think these were for sale at the time.

Can you believe this book is from 100 years ago!!??


Kathy Dykstra said...

What a great find! Love all the vintage smocked outfits!!!

Donna said...

I'd love to have remakes of these patterns!