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Monday, February 16, 2015

FLIP this Pattern: Strawberry Sunsuit: FREE for ALL!

My friends Ashley and Emily at Frances Suzanne came up with a fun twist to their FLIP this Pattern series. This month, they are featuring patterns that are FREE. I love to offer freebies to my readers and I have done 2 FREE patterns for you! The one I am sharing today is a FLIP of my Timmy & Mary Sunsuit.

 This pattern is available in sizes 6 months to 3. I made a size 3 for my niece Ella. It is a quick and easy sunsuit, with one pattern piece for the front and the back.
It is lined and has ties on the shoulders, so no buttons or zippers to fuss with!

My "FLIP" was to make the basic sunsuit a little fancier! I added a machine embroidery to the front. It is from Britt Designs.

I used a red poly/cotton gingham to line the suit and for the ruffles on the back. The strawberry fabric is cotton pique. I chose to use poly/cotton for the ruffles because it will come out of the dryer ready-to-wear. Who wants to iron all those ruffles?

The last thing I "flipped" was to add elastic to the legs. The original pattern has the 50s style open legs. It is very simple to stitch a casing and add elastic for a bubble shape.

Can't you just see Ella picking strawberries in this little suit?

If you want the FREE Timmy & Mary Sunsuit Pattern, just join my Mommy's Apron Strings Patterns Group! Click the link or on the photos on my sidebar. I also periodically offer free machine embroidery designs and there's the Ella Kathryn Bonnet, as well!

I would have liked to show you modeled pictures on Ella. They would have been so much cuter! However, we have had snowstorms and blizzards every few days and we are having one right now. This is my living room window. I showed you the floor, so you could see how deep our snow is! We are supposed to get another foot tonight! You Southern Sewing Gals probably could let your little girl wear this in February, but in New England, we are just dreaming of Strawberry Fields!

Here's a picture of Ella in the sunsuit when she was 6 months old! This shows you the unflipped version.

Thanks Ashley and Emily for sharing my sunsuit on FLIP this Pattern: FREE for All!!


Penya, An apprentice housewife said...

Wow! That snow! I can't imagine living in such a deep snow since we have a 30 degree celcious today and it's never go down below 10 degree here but go up over 40 degree in summer. Your bubble suit will match our climate for sure! And it's vert pretty. I'm heading to your sewing group now. :)

Cindy said...

Darling! I love sunsuits on babies.:)

Frances Suzanne said...

We're so glad you joined us today....dreaming of summer in the winter that seems to drag on FOREVER!! I know you'll be ready for someone to put that darling bubble to use in a few months...