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Monday, July 15, 2013

Kid's Clothing Week Day 1: Andy's Undies

This is my first time participating in Kid's Clothes Week. The idea is to sew for at least 1 hour each day all week. I really want to do it and blog about my progress each day. I should have been working on another sample for my new pinafore pattern, but we had lots of kids here today, so I wanted to do something simple instead. I looked through my PDF patterns and saw the Little Fishies Undies by Fishsticks.
I have been wanting to try these for Andy, recently 3 years old and potty-trained since his 2nd birthday! He loves soft clothes and he's so funny about undies. If I pull them up to his "waist" he says "too high" and pulls them under his tummy a bit. Anyway, I had a horrible nightshirt that I made him from a McCall's pattern a few months ago. I didn't share it then because it is awful. The neckline would be big on me- no kidding.
UGLY- I actually threw away the pattern.

So, I thought of the soft knit in this yucky nightshirt and I also had a piece of soft green knit that was on red-tag at JoAnn's for $2/yd. I was able to cut 2 undies from the zoo print and I could get loads from the green.
These are the first undies I've ever made, other than some adorable American Girl panties. Let me say, this pattern is genius. See the inside- fully lined and the only exposed seams are at the leg cuffs. The waistband is soft cotton knit, but with elastic hidden inside. Easy to make? Yes!
The posterior view. Plenty of coverage for tiny hineys! I only photographed one pair, because Andy is already wearing the other!! They fit beautifully. I made size 4, because Andy is a 90th percentile 3 year old. I can't praise this pattern enough and will definitely try more Fishsticks patterns soon!
I wanted to show you one more project today. Disclaimer: I am an expert seamstress, but a less-than-novice woodworker. However, I made this AMAZING chicken "ROOST"!! It is a thick dowel nailed and gorilla-glued onto 2 squares of wood. The chickens love it! Blackie, Shelly, and Bennie all sit on it and look so cute!

Come visit tomorrow- I am hoping to start a piece of Ella's Christmas outfit from pink velveteen. That's my only hint!


Karen said...

The undies are so cute, Lisa! I bet Andy loves them!

Bonnie @ Fishsticks Designs said...

They look perfect, Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing my pattern. I hope your little guy loves them!