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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rosie Stitches Shoes

My daughter Rosie (13) had a project for Social Studies recently. She had to do an Artisan Project, using a skill that people might have used in the Middle Ages. She originally signed up to make her own chain mail. Me: "Ummm...how are we going to do that, Darling? Wasn't there anything sewing related? Couldn't you at least sign up for the bread baking?" Rosie: "I wanted to do something fun and different." Me: "How about making baby shoes by hand? I have a good pattern." So, Rosie's teacher approved the first Artisan Textile Project and we were off!
We bought some really nice 30% wool felt. The only babyish colors were a slightly off white and a creamy yellow. This set is mine, but I haven't quite finished yet! Rosie did white shoes with a yellow tongue.
We stitched everything by hand, including the embroidery on the toes. We used DMC floss, all 6 strands, as recommended in the old directions.
The first step of construction was to stitch the 2 sole layers onto the upper. We marked the placement of the stitches with a wash-away marker to make them even.
Then we stitched the tongue to the upper at the toe area. This was the hardest step.
Stitch up the center back and the shoe is done. I found a terrific tool in the scrapbooking area. It's a 1/8" hole punch, which we used to make the eyelets for the laces.
We had to go to an old-fashioned shoe store to find appropriate laces. They only cost 75 cents! 1/4 yard of each color wool would make 3 pairs of shoes and was only $2.50 total, so this is a thrifty project.
Here's a side view. The teacher was very impressed and asked if Rosie would make another pair for her niece! These were really fun to make.


FabricFascination said...

These are adorable! Congrats for a great school project finished.

Glenda said...

well what a great project & very nice job both of ya'll....