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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nailed It!

I have been over-thinking what to make Andy for Easter. I had found some cute seafoam colored dress shirts at Walmart that I picked up for both little boys. I thought about making something tan to go with it for Andy. This week, I bought a vintage pattern that I knew would be perfect.

I was at JoAnn's for something else when I thought to check the "linen-like" fabrics. I have used this fabric before in navy and while it looks like linen, it is machine wash and dry and doesn't wrinkle at all. I was looking for tan when I found a beautiful seafoam. I wasn't sure if it would match the shirt, but when I got it home- I had nailed it!
 The shirts are just a shade lighter than the fabric. I will have Davy wear the seafoam shirt and Andy will have the shortalls with an ecru dress shirt. Now, I just have to decide on what machine embroidery I want to add to the yoke of the shortall. I am thinking something very Easter-y with bunnies and chicks.

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Sarah Blakeley said...

What a sweet pattern!! Can't wait to see what he'll be wearing for Easter!