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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Andy's Easter Outfit

 I am happy that my little guy's Easter outfit is done more than a week early! Yeah! I am very happy with it. 
The shirt is a purchased "Imp" shirt, but I'm not happy with the collar, so we'll see. The shortalls I made from a cotton "faux linen" that perfectly co-ordinates with a dress shirt I bought for Davy. I think this color screams "spring" even though our weather is still firmly yelling "winter"!!
I wanted an embroidery design that was Easter-ish without being limited to just that occasion. I was happy to find this one that is reminiscent of Peter Rabbit in the carrot patch. I love how it stitched out- the fur has whorls that make it look very real. I has never used one by this digitizer before, but I was delighted with the stitch-out. You can find it here.
I started with this 1940s Advance pattern. I knew when I bought it that it was missing the directions. So, I was working with just the cover photo and unprinted tissue pieces. I guess I am getting better at de-ciphering patterns, because it went together like a dream- even the side openings, which I was unsure of. I love the low-rise shortall front. The straps are a bit short, so I'll have to make an adjustment there.
We had fun coloring eggs this week! And we enjoy eating them, too! They just taste better when they are so pretty.
Linking this outfit to Sew For Victory at Lucky Lucille.


Shaffer Sisters said...

Very Sweet. And I love the color. Great job like always.

Rachel Proffitt said...

So cute - I especially love the bunny as an Eastery choice!

Sarah Blakeley said...

Woah!! This turned out way too cute!! I love it!! Way to go

Janice said...

I love everything about this--the color, the style, and the embroidery design. Your sweet little guy will look good all summer in this. Great job!

Karen said...

Such a sweet little suit! I love the color and the design you chose.