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Monday, April 30, 2012

Back from Vacation

My kids had last week off from school, so we took a trip to the beach. I thought I would have internet, but I didn't, so I couldn't post. Not only do I have internet, but I have a new laptop!! Hubby surprised me yesterday with a new Dell AND he was able to restore all my info and settings!! I may not have the prettiest lawn, but my techno-hubby rocks when it comes to technology!!
Anyway, we had a great time at the beach. I brought a couple of smocking and crochet projects, but I hardly spent any time on them, so I'll show you those later. 
My girls have inherited my love of antique, thrift, and downright junk stores, so we had lots of fun shopping on a day when Davy had the was-wells. Here are some of my great finds:
 A few old sewing patterns, mostly doll clothes. These will be checked and then I may post them on Etsy.
 Some fun sewing leaflets. One is on chicken scratch embroidery, which I used to do when I was a child. There is a cute doll pattern, too.
5 yards of this soft, thin cotton floral for $2- what more can I say?
A tub full of Legos- lots of cool parts for $10. Davy and Andy spent hours going through the bin and found several Harry Potter parts- people, the mirror of Erised, etc. They gave them to me, because I love Harry Potter!
I bought this planter/music box just because I liked it. It is old, I think, and made in Japan. It was $1.
These vintage glass corn on the cob holders were irresistable for $2 total. There are 7, so one for each person in our family- it was meant to be.
This is my favorite buy. I got 21- yes, 21 sets of luncheon plates with matching tea cups. These are a nice size and made from a heavy glass. I love to have tea parties and I think these will be great! I got a deal on them, at $1 per set. Do you see the little curved corner on the front right side? My Mom said it was to hold a cigarette. I think smoking is gross, but even if you did smoke, would you want your yucky ashes on your lunch plate!? I told my girls we can put a carrot stick there with ranch dip in the compartment.
We had a great time: we went fishing, swimming, played mini-golf, rode go-karts, visited gardens, rode an antique carousel, and ate lots of good food! I have some fun sewing posts coming up and now that I have a new laptop, I hope it won't take me a week to be back!


Carla Fiedler said...

I enjoy your blog, thanks for posting! If you intend to sell the Granny Gee's Chicken Scratch book, I may be interested.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Carla, I have been looking for a book about chicken scratch, so I won't be selling this one, but you can watch ebay. I know they come up sometimes. Thanks for reading MAS!