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Friday, October 7, 2011

I Digitized a Vintage Baby

The other night, my baby went to sleep early and I spent a little time on my laptop digitizing this baby.
Overall, I think it turned out well. I am unhappy with the eyes and the hands. The original picture I was using had a row of children and this little boy was holding a big sister's hand, so his hands are supposed to show the knuckles curled around another hand or his bear. I also think the skin color is too light and friends have commented that the hair is too sparse- sort of Charlie Brown baby!
Anyway, I am learning a lot and having tons of fun. I'm trying to pick a kitchen type vintage design for my next attempt.
Meanwhile, I am testing Ellie Inspired's Dapper Lad vest pattern this weekend. I am planning to make Davy's size in fabric to match the vintage romper I've been working on for Andy. The pattern looks really cute! I am hoping to have a nice chunk of time to get some sewing done this weekend.

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Jan said...

I think it turned out fine. Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure the vest pattern will be great. I just finished testing "Alice Blue" last week. I had so much fun testing it!