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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adopted Jane and My Introduction to Heirloom Sewing

Andy is much better today and last night we actually got some sleep! Hooray!
 Today I will tell you about one of my favorite books: Adopted Jane by Helen Fern Daringer. I first discovered this book when I was about 8 years old, but I have read it again and again over the years and still enjoy it as an adult! This book is about Jane, a little girl who has grown up in an orphanage. She visits a wonderful lady for a month and experiences what being part of a family means. I say this book was my introduction to heirloom sewing because it has wonderful descriptions of dresses and fabrics. I always pictured what they might look like when I was reading. This book was written in 1947, but I think it takes place around 1910 because automobiles were still a novelty. 
 "I wish to see some dresses," Mrs. Thurman told the clerk, "something simple, I think: pique or linen, if you have it." They chose "a blue and white one, a pink plaid gingham, a linen with pink pearl buttons on the pockets, and the beautiful white dimity trimmed with tucks and Valenciennes insertion." They decide to have Jane's dresses made by a visiting dressmaker instead. "Alice White was coming to sew, and she might as well make something for Jane too. 

 There was pink striped gingham, and light blue pique. There was yellow chambray with lace for trimming. (Mrs. Thurman called it Irish crochet, but it was different from the lace Matron and Miss Fink crocheted.) And to make Jane's thoughts dance even faster with delight, there was white organdy with a pink taffeta sash."
 Here are some pictures of dresses that little girls wore in Jane's time. If you have never read this book, give it a try. It's great for girls from 7-107. Adopted Jane


Janicewww.janicefergusonsews.com said...

So glad to hear that Andy is better. Sick children break your heart and break up your sleep. Bad for everyone. I love the antique garments! I'm going to track down Adopted Jane to read with my granddaughter.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Janice, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I think Laurel will love Adopted Jane. Let me know what she thinks if you do read it. I have lots more recommendations! Thanks for your comment!