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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fabulous Flea Market Find

A few weekends ago, my Mom, my kids, and I rented a table at a local flea market. I did pretty well getting rid of some things and so did my Mom. While we were there, we also walked around to look at what other people were selling. I walked by a table with a messy pile of old baby clothes. I noticed a white lacy dress and put it aside. Then I found a yellow boy's romper. I asked the lady how much and she said the dress was $15 and she might have more in her van. She brought out a trash bag of vintage baby clothes, most in poor condition. I found 5 treasures in the bunch: 2 white French dresses and 3 rompers. I told her I would like to buy them but I only had $16 in cash. She said, "give me your money and take them." Yahoo! When I got home I soaked them in Biz and they came out pretty nice. This blue and white romper is my favorite of the bunch and is the perfect size for Andy! I haven't had a chance to photograph him in it, but I did get these pictures while he was napping today. The yoke has hand-whipped tucks with a touch of embroidery and a little ruffle detail on the collar and pockets. I also like the buttoned belt. On Wednesday, I will show you one of the little French dresses.

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Jan said...

What an absolute FIND!